The Rose City Park Playground Project  Working to bring people together to revitalize the Rose City Park playground in an effort to build a stronger and vibrant community of neighbors helping neighbors.
 The Denver Urban Plunge is a two-week inner-city experience for college students through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Living with and serving the poor and marginalized while studying scripture.
 The Uppiano Group is a consulting firm located in Beaverton OR. The Uppiano Group empowers small & mid-sized Northwest companies to thrive by embedding a Continuous Improvement culture inspired by effective leadership. 
 Option presented to Beaver Acres Elementary for Parent Teacher Organization logo. Focus on Beaver as Mascot
 Second option presented to Beaver Acres Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. Focus on school's architecture. 
 The Evergreen Community is a Christian church located in SE Portland. 
 Evergreen Kids is the Children’s Department of The Evergreen Community Church. The goal was to reach students between Pre-K and 5th grade, while integrating the theme of the “Evergreen.”
 Mark Camp is a week-long scripture study through the Book of Mark, sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Denver Colorado.
 Cindy Scott is a local real estate broker. Her logo represents the Pacific Northwest and appeals to the home buyer through friendly approachable design and color pallet.
 Nita’s is a small cleaning business in the Tacoma WA area. Logo features a caricature of Nita herself, showcasing vintage style and clean design.
 Solar Captial is an investment grade Business Development Company that invests primarily in senior secured loans and subordinated debt of private middle market companies to generate current income that is distributed to shareholders quarterly across economic cycles.  Logo designed to represent financial market, solar industries, stability and conservatism.
 Peak Light Studio - a photography studio located in the Pacific Northwest.
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